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Terms and conditions

Rates :

Rooms per night (breakfast (17,5€/person) and tourism tax) not included :

• Room Marilyn : 230€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Room Portraits : 250€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Aquae : 270€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Twilight : 290€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Hope : 310€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Sadhu: 310€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Sans Titre : 330€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

• Suite Chez Georges : 350€/day breakfast 17,5€/pers not included.

Breakfast is NOT included in the room rate (17,5€ per person) and is served from 9am to 11am on the first floor gallery weather permitting or in the lounge area on the first floor.

All arrivals must be made between 15h00 and 20h00. The rooms and the pool must be vacated before 12h00 the day of departure.

General conditions :

30% deposit payable on reservation, payment by credit card only (Amex not accepted). These general conditions apply to any reservation for Les Chambres de l’Artemise made via internet or telephone. They are an integral part of the contract. Offers and general conditions detailed here are valid on the day of consultation. They may be periodically updated, however any reservation will be honoured on the date of the stay under the specified conditions.

Bookings :

In order to check avaibility or to make a request for booking, please send your application by email or phone.

1. We will confirm the avaibility of your room by email or phone

2. You can then return your confirmation with your credit card details (credit card number, expiration date and the 3 last digits at the back in the signature rectangle) on which we charge a 30% deposit of the total value of the booking

3. No firm booking will be made until the guarantee deposit as detailed above has been made and the receipt of a booking confirmation email.

4. The balance must be settled at the end of the stay.

Bank notes are not accepted.

Modification and Cancellation

Any modification or cancellation (partial or total) must be made in writing by the guest. We must also confirm our acceptation in writing. In case of disagreement we reserve the right to invalidated the request and apply the following penalties.

For any cancellation :
In case of cancellation by the guest at least 15 days before the date of the stay, the guarantee deposit of 30% will be reimbursed minus a fixed charge of 10 euros per day of the intended stay.

In case of cancellation by the guest less then 15 days before the stay, the 30% deposit will be retained by les Chambres de l’Artémise.

In case of cancellation by the guest less then 2 days before the stay, the total amount of the stay will be charged by les Chambres de l’Artémise.

If, for reasons beyond our control, we were unable to accommodate the guests in the room initially booked, we reserve the right to provide accommodation for these guests in an equivalent house without any additional cost.

Resolution of disputes

The relevant local court in the Gard will deal with any litigation relating to the present booking.